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Vi arbeider hele tiden for å bli bedre, og vil veldig gjerne vite hva DU synes. Bruk gjerne denne siden for å gi oss ris og ros, så skal vi ta det med i den videre utviklingen!

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23. juli 2019
Our company is a team with fifteen years of experience in cleansing. Our job is based on three fundamental principles: high quality, performance, and also focus to the client. The workers of our business are a solid team of young and energised experts with comprehensive experience in huge business.

Picking us, you get:
- One of the most adaptable cleansing plan with the right to select any kind of choices;
- Practical prices, which include all the expenses of equipment, supply, as well as consumables;
- The set price for the whole term of the signed agreement, without splitting the last price
- A trustworthy and also responsible partner who has basically no turnover of workers, which contributes to the comprehensibility of the team when working.

Modern high-quality cleaning with making use of innovative technologies, special devices and also equipment is a detailed option to the problems connected with the purchasing, cleaning, and also cleaning of spaces.

Workers of our business have been operating in this area for a long period of time, so they have certain expertise and also abilities to work with numerous chemical reagents, which belong to any type of means to create a high-quality result. Furthermore, experts are extremely mindful in taking care of customer building and will not enable it to be damaged. Additionally, we are extremely meticulous concerning the order, so all things after the end of the cleaning will certainly be placed on the exact same places. We welcome you to accept us.

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21. juli 2019
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21. juli 2019
All solutions supplied by our company in New york city, performed both on a one-off and also on a lasting basis. Any extra can be chosen by customers only separately. In the job of a cleansing firm in New York, the finest quality items. Thanks to constant specialist development, devices as well as cleaning approaches are constantly being boosted. Consequently, the outcome of our work can please the needs of also one of the most demanding clients.
Costs you can learn from the price list. Do not lose your time on underhanded entertainers, call the professionals!

Express Solution

The firm supplies house cleaning company, including using commercial alpinism, and other help, such as cleaning leather furnishings. Here you can get the cleansing of the home as a whole or, claim, its parts, the kids's area after the remodelling, or the living room after a loud celebration. The benefit of cleansing is specialist care for the cleanliness, comfort, health and wellness, time as well as mood of residents or employees in a specific space. The best aide in restoring order and also sanitation is a specific professional service business. Professionalism and trust, hard work, hard work of staff, the use of premium cleaning agents produce an ambience of ideal tidiness.

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16. juli 2019
Employees "Cleaning Service" ready decide every task, associated with guidance order. Clients always can contact in "Cleaning Service" - we always well to cope with the work of any volume.

The Benefits joint work with us: Detailed compliance with contractual obligations.

Among other things, there are definitely fixed international standards level cleaning, they should our the corporation. When Client sure that standards desired quality he was not satisfied with the result, we timely we organize "work on errors". Perform work on the result, so as to Client was satisfied and with pleasure the introduced our firm to your circle familiar people.
This is today  a very extensive cleaning of premises, that  help to do your personal house immaculate. Not Important on, drive in in or out Clean Master in strength there to help to  get  your old housing exemplary view.

Cleaning apartment houses, as well as houses, office premises. Cleaning everyday. Washing plastic windows special installation.
The Contacting on our website, you will get: GUARANTEES- Quality assurance, payment only after 100% of the result.

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13. juli 2019
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13. juli 2019
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Minilager Oslo

28. mars 2019
Alltid like hyggelig å komme til Ullern Gård:)

Flyttebyrå Oslo

23. mars 2019
Nydelig kaffe dere serverte! Tusen takk.

Maler Oslo

8. mars 2019
Norges beste gård!

Oslo Pukk og Sand

26. september 2018
Elsker Ullern gård!


12. september 2018
Flott sted Ullern Gård


28. august 2018
Kjempe fin side dere har fått her!


22. august 2018
Bra side her!


8. november 2017
Flott side og takk for at du deler


16. oktober 2017
Meget koselig og fin side.


7. oktober 2017
Jeg elsker å handle og jeg vil ha gode kjoler til fest


30. september 2017
Nice side!


30. september 2017
Flott sted


30. september 2017
Flott side :)


24. september 2017
Fint nettsted og innehold!


23. august 2017
Elsker denne moteklærbutikken, og jeg elsker å handle her


23. august 2017
Kommer en tur til låven for å smake på vaflene nå snart :)


2. juni 2017
Det dere har fått til er utrolig bra og til innspirasjon. Passe avstand fra Austmarka så jeg annbefaller mine gjester å ta en pause hos dere - hvis de reiser på dager dere er åpne. Dere beviser at det finnes muligheter. Tenk servere gris i et gammelt grisefjøs - kjempebra!


23. mai 2017
Veldig flott nettside dere har fått dere. Kommer innom nesten gang jeg er i nærheten
Hjemmeside: www.billigeforbrukslå

Andre Trydal

28. april 2017
Flott side!
Hjemmeside: http://lå


24. februar 2017
Hei, skal komme innom neste gang vi kjører forbi Skarnes.


25. januar 2017
Dere har laget en kjempe flott side

Jan Helge

13. januar 2017
Flott hjemmeside :)


22. november 2016
Var på besøk hos dere i sommer. Koste meg masse!


15. november 2016
Hei. Dere har laget en kjempe flott side :) fortsett med det :)


29. september 2016
Var på besøk hos Ullern gård i sommer. Herlig sted! Kosa meg.


Hjemmeside: http://www.lå


22. august 2016
Herlig sted å tilbringe en søndag formiddag :-) Siden jeg har laktoseintoleranse kunne jeg bare nyte lukten av vaflene - og den var upåklagelig. Gikk runde på runde i butikken - det blir garantert flere turer :-)


12. mai 2016
Veldig fin og ryddig nettside ! Gleder meg til å ta turen innom låven!


16. april 2016
Dere har uten tvil verdens koseligste "gubbekrok" :)


5. april 2016
Herlig sted med god atmosfære. Herlig å kunne sitte på gamle møbler når man spiser de beste vaflene som finnes.


19. februar 2016
Flotte greier!


4. februar 2016
Dere må ha verdens beste ertesuppe uten tvil :) Mye bedre mat enn hos Jafs på Skarnes!


17. januar 2016
Herlig kafé dere har!


17. januar 2016
Meget flott webside! :-)
Hjemmeside: http://forbrukslå

Marit Skaug Selbæk

8. juli 2014
Takk for en deilig lørdag her på låven hus dere. Reiser til dere når jeg bare må ha litt "påfyll" av alt fra det indre til en venninnegave eller rett og slett noe jeg har drømt om lenge.Takk for at dere fins!
Det er så herlig og oppdage dere i mine ukeblader nå for tiden også! Bra!

Thomas Mathisen

17. mars 2014
Takk for en herlig opplevelse! Suppen og vafflene er det beste jeg har smakt på lenge :)


1. mars 2014
Så flott hjemmeside!
Gleder meg til å ta en tur på låven igjen - snart :-)

Åsmund Holt

24. februar 2014
Herlig sted med god atmosfære. Herlig å kunne sitte på gamle møbler når man spiser de beste vaflene som finnes.


27. november 2013
Kjempetøff låve dere har! :)
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